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Boiler Drain For Continuous Refill System Steam Cleaners
2024-02-20 Dupray
Boiler Drain For Continuous Refill System Steam Cleaners

Boiler Drain For Continuous Refill System Steam Cleaners

Your steam cleaner requires a boiler drainafter every 50 hours of use (or every time your steam cleaner's display shows CALC) in order to deliver best results. This simple routine is essential to maintain the high level of performance of your machine. This technique can be used on all Dupray continuous refill steam cleaners. Pressurized units can simply be drained and rinsed.

*Important: Always perform boiler drain outs when the unit is completely cold. Allow 12 hours for the boiler to be cold enough.
Follow these few easy steps: Plug in your steam cleaner without turning it on and fill the tank with regular tap water. Place your steam cleaner above a sink or a tray to collect the water and use the Allen key that comes included with your machine to unscrew the boiler cap underneath the unit. All of the water and mineral deposits will drain out of the boiler. Press the main power button to activate the boiler purge. This will activate the pump and rinse the boiler using the water in the tank. Do so until the low water indicator flashes. Make sure you do not press the heating element button, as you want to rinse the boiler without heating up the water. When the water tank is empty, replace the boiler drain plug and refill the water. Your steam cleaner is now ready to use! The Tosca is not equipped with a continuous refill system, so you can simply fill it with water and drain it after removing the boiler drain cap. Repeat to rinse the boiler completely.

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