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Give your plants a boost with clean air.
2024-02-23 Dupray
Give your plants a boost with clean air.

Give your plants a boost with clean air.

It’s no secret, our revolutionary air purifier offers impressive health benefits for you and your family; but did you know Bloom™ Air Purifier also offers health benefits for plants? When used as a planter, Bloom™ can hold your favorite plant (up to 1m/3ft in height). Not only does this set our air purifier apart from others by combining air purification with the beauty of plants, but it offers an additional benefit — this time for the actual plant!

Great air circulation 

Equipped with a root strainer and plant pot that fit neatly inside, Bloom™ provides an optimal environment for your plant, ensuring continual air circulation around its base. Proper air circulation promotes water evaporation, prevents condensation on the surfaces of the leaves and reduces the growth of fungal infections and rot. The result? Your plant develops stronger roots and limbs, and lives a healthier life in general. 

Clean air & happy plants

With so many impressive benefits, it makes sense to add Bloom™ to your home decor. You enjoy cleaner, healthier air thanks to the constant purification from our medical-grade HEPA-13 filtration with activated carbon. You also get to enjoy having an elegant planter to hold your favorite plant (and plants also help contribute to better air quality in your space!). Finally, even your plant gets to enjoy a healthier living environment, ensuring it will last longer and look better than ever before. 


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