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Dupray SteamIron™ - Steam Generator Iron
2024-02-20 Dupray

Dupray SteamIron™ - Steam Generator Iron

Discover the best entry-level professional-grade steam generator iron from Dupray. The SteamIron™ was created in Europe with twos goals: to improve ironing results and decrease ironing times. This steam generator iron delivers twice the steam as traditional steam irons and allows you to obtain flawless results on all types of garments, right at home. The SteamIron™ represent the best professional steam iron value on the market, with dense superheated steam temperature at up to 160°C / 320°F and steam pressure at up to 3.5 bar / 51 psi. The SteamIron™ steam generator iron uses regular tap water in its anti-scale stainless steel boiler. With up to 60 minutes of ironing time per fill up, this steam generator iron is your new favourite laundry room tool. The SteamIron™ steam generator iron is back by a solid 3-year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty on its boiler, the heart of the steam iron. The Dupray SteamIron™ leaves no wrinkles behind. With its precision tip, confortable grip made of natural cork, its high quality anti-drip aluminum soleplate and its superior steam production, the steam generator iron cuts ironing time drastically while giving you the crisp ironing results you would expect from a professional. A thermostatic control allows the user to adjust the steam generator iron to any material, from delicate synthetic fabrics to your favourite cotton shirts. SteamIron™ Steam Generator Iron Features: - Anti-scale stainless steel boiler that produces superheated steam- Boiler capacity 1.2 L / 40 oz. - Uses regular tap water- Up to 60 minutes of ironing time with one fill up- Steam temperature: 160°C / 320°F- Steam pressure: 3.5 bar / 51 psi- Anti-drip, pro-grade aluminum soleplate- Thermostatic control- Natural cork handle for confortable grip- Removable iron rest- Precision tip- 10 min heat up time- European made- SteamReady™ indicator- Low water indicator- Automatic shut-off when low on water- Weight: 5 KG / 11 LBSWarranty:- 3-year Limited- Lifetime on the boilerPlease visit for more information about our SteamIron™ steam generator iron or to place an order.

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