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How To Steam Clean A Carpet / Rug - Dupray Steam Cleaners
2024-02-20 Dupray

How To Steam Clean A Carpet / Rug - Dupray Steam Cleaners

How to steam clean a carpet

Using a steam cleaner is a great carpet cleaning solution. There is no need to get a specific carpet cleaner when tackling this cleaning job. A steam cleaner can effectively remove carpet stains and dirt in no time using only hot water. Watch this video to learn exactly how to use a steam cleaner to get rid of dirt, allergens, odors, mildew and more that may be trapped inside the carpet fibers, especially in high foot traffic areas. You can also safely steam clean baseboards while cleaning your carpet. With Dupray, it is not necessary to have a bulky carpet cleaner, you can use the same steam cleaner you use for the rest of your home to the clean carpets in any room.

Carpet cleaning with a steam cleaner is a simple and effective way to get a deep clean, remove allergens and enjoy a cleaner carpet or area rug in your home. Watch how carpet steam cleaning lets you sanitize and deodorize your entire carpet using only hot water, no special carpet cleaner, stain remover or other cleaning products required! With a quality steam cleaner, the cleaning process is quick and efficient and carpet stains become a thing of the past no matter what type of carpet you have.

What are the benefits of steam cleaning?

Most carpet steam cleaners used for the home have a small water tank that requires frequent refills. Anyone looking for a more efficient cleaning solution may be interested in the many benefits of cleaning a carpet with a steam cleaner. The water tank inside a Dupray steam cleaner is large enough to let you clean the carpet in an entire room and in high foot traffic areas, without having to refill the water tank. This cleaning method is simple and efficient. While some people may like to pretreat stains, using water alone can be a very effective way to get a deep clean without any harsh chemicals at all. The boiler inside the steam cleaner generates very hot water that acts as a powerful disinfectant, which means you can get a deep clean without using any cleaning products.

Steam cleaning is an effective cleaning solution for carpets and area rugs, no matter what type, because the steam pressure allows you to get into the carpet fibers to dislodge dirt, stubborn stains and odors. Steam cleaning carpets helps get rid of pet stains, oil stains, food stains and more that can sometimes get stuck on the carpet fibers. Steam cleaning is a powerful cleaning method, yet is still gentle enough for even the most delicate carpet. Simply wrap a microfiber cloth around the floor tool of your Dupray steam cleaner, this will trap any dirty water created as you move the machine forward slowly over the surface of the carpet. If you'd like, you can use a vacuum cleaner to quickly remove dust, loose debris and pet hair that may sit on the surface of the carpet before you begin steam cleaning your carpet. Always read the machine's instructions before you get started and test a small area of your carpet before steam cleaning the entire carpet.

The drying time for carpet steam cleaning

When your carpet has been steam cleaned, it will be dry in no time. Because the steam cleaner produces dry superheated steam that contains only 5% water, it won’t leave make your carpet very wet during the cleaning process. The drying time is much shorter than it can be when using other carpet cleaners that can leave you with a wet carpet long after you have finished. If you want a cleaning solution that will leave your carpet completely dry soon afterwards, carpet steam cleaning may be the best solution for you.

Cleaning tips for this carpet cleaning solution

It is a good idea to steam clean carpets regularly to remove dirt and treat stains quickly before they set in. Steam cleaning your carpets ensures you get rid of dirt that you can't even necessarily see, and the high heat of the steam works to disinfect the area completely, no matter what type of carpet you are cleaning. Using a vacuum cleaner before you steam clean will help to pick up pet hair and other particles your steam cleaner will not remove. While some people may choose to pretreat stains beforehand, this cleaning method is entirely chemical-free, and is safe around children, pets and those with sensitivities to harsh cleaning products. Carpet steam cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning solution for the home.


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