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How To Steam Clean Car Rims - Dupray Steam Cleaners
2024-02-20 Dupray

How To Steam Clean Car Rims - Dupray Steam Cleaners

Instructional video on How To Steam Clean Car Rims using a Dupray Hill Injection Steam Cleaner on high pressure with injections of hot water. Degrease & detail your Car Rims in minutes! For more videos, please visit our new video section at multi-spoke rims is normally a very difficult time consuming task, introducing the use of a steam cleaner to this process is incredibly time saving. Commercial steam cleaners such as the Dupray Hill Injection operating at a pressure up to 121psi instantly melts and blows away brake dust and road tar, bringing your rims back to new as quickly as possible. Save countless hours and dollar as expensive chemicals are now rarely needed. Discover how to steam clean rims in this video and be sure to check out our other videos to see other uses in automotive detailing.

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