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Home and commercial steam cleaners
2024-02-20 Dupray
Home and commercial steam cleaners

General steam cleaning.

Tips for how to use your home or commercial steam cleaner.

Discover the best ways to use your appliance for maximum efficiency and cleaning power. 

Steam cleaning is a low-moisture method of cleaning that is 100% chemical-free. You can clean and sanitize virtually any surface in your home, using only tap water. 

The Dupray line of home and commercial-grade steam cleaners ranges from light and compact cleaning tools to heavy-duty appliances ready to take on even the toughest cleaning job. 

The impressive power of steam cleaning. 

  • Use steam to clean all floors, including delicate carpets and sealed hardwood floors.
  • Disinfect surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. 
  • Sanitize furniture and equipment using only tap water! 
  • Get streak-free mirrors and windows in no time. 
  • Efficiently clean walls and ceilings.
  • Kill bed bugs and remove allergens from mattresses and furniture. 
  • Effectively remove stains and grease from surface. 
  • Detail car interiors. 
  • Clean grout lines and all types of tiles.
  • Remove gum and grafitti. 

How to steam clean floors.

Ceramic grout- Dupray Steam Cleaner

Ceramic tiles

Steam is the ultimate way to restore shine to your ceramic tiles. Moreover, it is the ultimate way to deep clean porous tiles and to clean stone tiles. Combined with the specialized floor tool and a microfiber cloth, you’ll get professional results with little effort.

Ceramic grout tiles - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Ceramic grout lines

Don’t let grimy grout lines ruin the look of your flooring. With a variety of small brushes to choose from, cleaning out grout has never been easier. Pass the steam along each line while gently scrubbing to dislodge dirt. Then finish the job with your floor tool and a microfiber cloth.

Hardwood - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Hardwood floors

Restore the shine without damaging the wood thanks to powerful dry steam, which contains less the 5% water. You’ll never need to worry about damaging hardwood floors with Dupray cleaners.

Carpet - Dupray Steam Cleaner


Use your steam cleaner to keep your carpeting refreshed and sanitized with deep-penetrating steam. Simply pass your floor tool over the area with a microfiber cloth to superheat the steam. You can even refresh the fibers with detergent or a mild deodorizer applied directly on the carpet to eliminate odor with ease.

Vinyl and linoleum tiles

The steam cleaner's lance is the perfect tool to clean along baseboards
and the floor tool is specially designed to revive vinyl and linoleum.

Wax Floors

Restoring the shine to wax flooring has never been easier. Simply attach a thick microfiber cloth to your floor tool
and pass it over the surface, allowing the steam to sanitize and disinfect.

Carpet stain- Dupray Steam Cleaner

Carpet stains

Don’t let a moment of clumsiness or a poorly-trained pet destroy your carpet. Steam cleaners are one of the most powerful stain erasers on the market. In fact, completely removing stains with steam is almost as easy as creating them. Just lay your steam lance flat on the floor, spray steam across the affected area and place a cloth on the other side to catch the stain.

Cement floor - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cement Floors

Discover how to clean polished cement floors with a steam cleaner. It’s perfect for removing dirt and grease, or to restore the shine. Attach a microfiber cloth to all four corners of the floor tool for smooth surfaces, or attach a microfiber cloth to the top two corners only for porous cement. Steam will flow down deep into every nook and crevice to deliver a deeper clean and a brighter shine, while the cloth will pick up dirt as you go.

Steam cleaning in the kitchen.

Stainless fridge door- Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning stainless steel appliances

Use your steam cleaner to blast away dirt and grime that accumulates from cooking. Spray the surface with steam and then wipe away moisture with a clean microfiber cloth. 


Fridges open door - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning the fridge and freezer

Your steam cleaner is the best way to sanitize these heavily-used appliances. Be sure to spray the rubber seals of the fridge and freezer, as small dirt particles can easily accumulate in these areas. 


Open oven - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning the oven and stove

Use the steam lance to remove grease and grime from the corners and crevices of your oven to keep it in excellent working condition. 


Kitchen's sink and faucet - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning sinks and faucets

Steam cleaning is a great way to get rid of calcium buildup and other deposits in your sink and around the faucet. 


BBQ - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning the BBQs and grills

Use the steam lance and stainless steel brush to efficiently remove grease and charcoal stains from your barbecue or grill. Steam cleaning is also a great way to remove surface rust after the winter season.


Counter, cupboard - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning counters and cupboards

You can rely on superheated steam to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria from these high-traffic areas in the kitchen. Use the tool of your choice with a microfiber cloth for an effective clean. 


Steam cleaning the walls and ceilings.

How to clean drywall, wallpaper and wooden walls. 

You can use your steam cleaner to give the walls of every room a quick refresh. Simply adjust the steam temperature to steam any wall surface in your home.

Ceiling - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning the ceilings

Lightweight accessories and flexible hoses really come in handy for this hard-to-reach cleaning task. Use your steam cleaner to remove dirt and dust from the ceilings in your home. 


Steam cleaning in the bathroom.

Sink - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning bathroom sinks

To give your bathroom sink a deep clean, simply blast steam directly down the drain for a few minutes and then run water to wash away excess gunk. The steam lance and small nylon brush are ideal for removing any remaining mineral deposits.

Mirror - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning bathroom mirrors

You can use your steam cleaner to keep bathroom mirrors streak-free. Hold the hose, without any attachment, a few inches away from the mirror. Wipe with a cloth or use the window tool to wipe off any excess moisture.

Shower - Dupray Steam Cleaner


It's easy to remove soap scum, residue or calcium buildup with your steam cleaner. The steam lance and nylon brush are perfect for removing surface rust and water stains.

Toilet - Dupray Steam Cleaner


Cleaning the toilet is never fun, but with a steam cleaner it's much easier and more efficient. Use your steam lance to disinfect the surface, then wipe down with a dry cloth.

Steam cleaning windows and fixtures.

Open Window - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning windows

Steam cleaning is a great way to clean windows properly. Just use the window tool to get a streak-free clean and wipe away excess moisture with a dry cloth. 


Cleaning horizontal and vertical blinds

Get rid of dust that has accumulated on your blinds by steaming the surface gently and wiping away moisture with a dry cloth. 


Cleaning window screens

Use the triangle tool with a microfiber bonnet to clean the screens on your windows and doors. 


Steam cleaning furniture and fabrics.

Mattresse - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning mattresses

Using superheated steam from your steam cleaner is a great way to sanitize your mattress and remove dust mites or bed bugs. Use the triangle tool with a microfiber bonnet. Pass it over the entire surface of the mattress, then leave to dry. 

Armchair in fabric - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleaning fabrics and synthetic materials

Your steam cleaner can handle heavy-duty cleaning jobs, but it is also gentle enough for use on a variety of different fabric types. You can adjust the steam pressure according to how delicate your fabric is. 

Armchair in leather - Dupray Steam Cleaner


You can easily clean leather while preserving its shape when using a steam cleaner. Your leather will remain rehydrated and smelling fresh. Steam the leather with a thick cloth wrapped around the triangle tool, then wipe it down with a dry cloth.

Killing bed bugs with a steam cleaner.

Mattresse - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Getting rid of bed bugs

You can also use your steam cleaner to rid efficiently get rid of bed bugs on mattresses and furniture. Wrap the triangle tool in a thick microfiber cloth or bonnet and pass it slowly over the entire surface of the mattress to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It is very important to pass the steam over the entire mattress carefully, to make sure all the eggs have been killed.

More ways to use your Dupray steam cleaner.

Sticker removal - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Sticker removal

Steam cleaning is a great way to remove those stubborn stickers. The heat melts the adhesive and makes it easier to peel the sticker away. 

Pet cage - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Pet Cages

Steam clean your animal cages with the triangule tool and a microfiber cloth. It's a great way to give your pet's space a total refresh!

Air conditioning unit - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Wall-mounted air conditioning units

It's important to clean your AC unit regularly. Steam cleaning is a great way to remove accumulated grease, mold, dust and allergens so air continues to flow freely.

Removal of adhesives

If you need to remove adhesives from a surface, just apply a mild soap to the adhesive then scrub it with your nylon brush while releasing the steam. 

Aluminum doorway - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Aluminum doorways

You can use steam to get easily get rid of any built up dirt and grime. Simply use your steam lance and brass brush.

Golf club - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Golf clubs

It may not improve your handicap, but having clean clubs will help you to feel better out there on the course. Use the nylon brush to gently detail, then wipe down with a microfiber cloth. 

The best steam cleaners for home and commercial uses

HOME™ Steam Cleaner

HOME™ Steam Cleaner

Our most affordable steam cleaner, the HOME™ is the ideal entry-level for everyday steaming.

ONE™ Steam Cleaner

ONE™ Steam Cleaner

The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner is perfect to tackle all kinds of cleaning tasks around the house or at the office. This portable steam cleaner is efficient, convenient and especially easy to use for any homeowner.
Special $649.00

ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner

ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner

The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner can be refilled during operation for non-stop cleaning power. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the ONE Plus™ is the ideal steam cleaner to cut through dirt and grime in no time.
Special $799.00

TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner

TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner

The Tosca™ is a commercial steam cleaner that offers up to 2 hours of cleaning power per tankful. Its high temperature output and unbeatable durability make this incredible steam cleaner ideal for any cleaning job.
Special $1,297.00



This portable commercial steam cleaner features a non-pressurized dual tank system for easy refills during operation and detergent injection capabilities. Producing steam up to 345°F / 175°C, even the most heavy-duty tasks are no match for the Hill Injection™. It is the most powerful, portable 110V steam cleaner on the market.
Special $2,597.00

CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

Available in 120V and 220V, the Carmen Super Inox™ commercial steam extractor comes fully equipped with continuous refill, a built-in wet/dry vacuum system to extract residue and detergent injection.
Special $4,397.00

STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner

STEAM BOX™ Steam Cleaner

Offered only on 220V, the ultra-powerful 5.4 kW Steam Box™ steam cleaner offers unlimited cleaning time with refills during operation. Detergent and water injection also allow you to blast soap or hot water in the steam to help flush out dirt and grease. This is the ultimate commercial steam cleaner for any cleaning professional.

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