Steam cleaning to remove gum and graffiti
2023-12-01 Dupray
Steam cleaning to remove gum and graffiti

Gum removal with a steam cleaner.

How to remove gum & graffiti using Dupray's most versatile commercial steam extractor.

Unfortunately, discarded gum can be found everywhere on floors and other surfaces. Hot water pressure washers are not actually powerful enough to remove the gum entirely. Pressure washers are a surface solution that will leave behind residue and a big water mess. Also, you have to be very careful because too much pressure may damage the surface you are cleaning.
Dry steam (combined with a specialized biodegradable detergent) will dissolve gum and its residue efficiently without damaging the material or the environment. With steam temperatures that reach up to 338°F / 175°C, an integrated vacuum system and CST™ technology, our gum removal units can extract up to 700 pieces of gum per hour. Keeping surfaces gum-free is easy with a Dupray commercial steam cleaner.

Use your Dupray steam cleaner on virtually any surface.

Steam cleaning is great for:

  • Removing graffiti from cement, brick, or smooth surfaces.
  • Removing chewing gum from concrete, carpets and other surfaces.

How to remove gum with a steam cleaner. 

 Remove gum- Dupray Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is the fastest way to remove gum! 

Gum can be challenging to remove when it has stuck onto a surface. Luckily, the power of steam can get it done in no time. You'll just need approximately 3L of water per hour and a little Biovap® biodegradable all-purpose detergent to efficiently remove gum with the Carmen Super Inox™ steam extractor. The dry steam works to remove the gum from the surface. The heat opens the pores of the surface so that any gum residue can be removed more effectively with the integrated vacuum. This steam cleaner also comes with a full accessory kit and a specialized gum removal tool. When using this tool, you'll just need tap water, soap and a few seconds of agitation to completely remove the gum from the surface.

How to remove graffiti from
any surface using a commercial steam cleaner.

Stem cleaners are a powerful (and eco-friendly) solution for interior graffiti removal. These units are not meant for cleaning an entire graffiti mural, but they are very effective when erasing small and medium-sized graffiti tags on school walls, shops and office buildings.

 Remove graffiti - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning to the rescue! 

Commercial steam cleaners are best for removing small graffiti and tags.  Do not fill the detergent tank with graffiti removal solvent. Instead, spray the solvent directly on the graffiti. The steam will penetrate deep into the pores of the surface you are cleaning and will dissolve the paint more efficiently. Commercial-grade steam cleaners are also great for removing stickers, glue, adhesives or gum from lamp poles, signs, streetlights and mailboxes.

Best commercial gum removal steam cleaner

CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

CARMEN SUPER INOX™ Steam Extractor

Available on 120V or 220V, the Carmen Super Inox™ commercial steam cleaner comes fully equipped with continuous refill, a built-in wet/dry vacuum system to extract residue and a detergent tank to easily dissolve gum and graffiti tags from any surface.
Special $4,397.00

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