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NEAT™ Steam Cleaner
NEAT™ Steam Cleaner
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NEAT™ Steam Cleaner
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TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner
TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner
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TOSCA™ Steam Cleaner
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About our products
Discover our wide range of high-end home and commercial appliances for a pristine living environment. Award-winning steam cleaners, spot cleaners, clothes steamers and air purifiers with specialized features and accessories to simplify your life.
Frequently asked questions
Our head office is located in Montreal, Canada; but Dupray is also locally present in the United States and Europe. Our first-class customer service team is ready to assist customers in all areas of the globe.

Our products are primarily made in Europe. We work with engineering and manufacturing teams in Italy, Spain and Romania to develop the most sophisticated steam cleaners, air purifiers and spot cleaners. Some product parts, models and accessories can be made in China.

The Neat Steam Cleaner is certainly one of the most popular, but each of our products serves a specific purpose for the consumer. Bloom Air Purifier is ideal for anyone looking to breathe cleaner, healthier air indoors. Our Hero Spot Cleaner offers significantly more suction power than competitors, and our Voila Clothes Steamer is compact and convenient for use on the go.

Dupray products do not require the use of any harsh chemicals. Optional cleaning products that may be used with Dupray machines are always biodegradable and non-toxic. Our air purifier does not emit any ozone. Our products are safe for use around children and pets, however caution must be taken when operating any of our steam cleaning products as these are powerful units that generate high levels of heat and should never be operated by children. Adult supervision is always required.

We offer a wide range of steam cleaners that are suitable for a variety of cleaning needs. Each unique product page will highlight specific product features for a better understanding of the machine's capabilities and primary uses. If, at any time, you require assistance to make your decision, please feel free to contact our first-class customer service team. It would be our pleasure to guide you through the selection process to be sure you get the right machine for your needs.
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Affects the effectiveness and speed to clean, sanitize, degrease or deodorize.
The higher the steam pressure, the easier it will be for heavy duty jobs.
The maximum amount of time you can use the steam cleaner with one fill up.
The initial time needed for the steam cleaner to be ready.
Accessories included
Higher wattage produces more steam.
Boiler volume
Water tank volume
Detergent Tank Volume
Hose Length
Boiler Material
Body Material
Electrical Cord Length
Allows you to refill the machine while in use and eliminates downtime.
Add a burst of hot water to the steam for faster cleaning.
Add detergent in the steam jet to help with heavy-duty jobs.
Extract humidity and debris while steam cleaning.
Allows you to increase the steam output for heavy-duty jobs or decrease for delicate surfaces.
Indicates the active temperature, pressure and reminds you when to do the boiler maintenance.
An oscillating electromagnetic float prevents scale build-up in the boiler.

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