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Portable and efficient home steam cleaner.
Up to 50 minutes of steam cleaning time per fill up. All you need is a little tap water to clean and sanitize anything at home.
Our most powerful heavy-duty home steam cleaner.
No more downtime. Refill while in use. Our very best steam cleaner for home use.
Commercial steam cleaner. Lasts a lifetime.
Premium accessories. 90 minutes of cleaning time per fill up.
Highest temperature portable commercial steam cleaner.
Refill while in use. Add a jet of detergent into the steam for faster cleaning.
Our most complete commercial steam cleaner.
Add soap to the steam and extract with the integrated wet/dry vacuum. Available on 110V or superior 220V.
Unmatched heavy-duty commercial steam cleaner.
Non-stop use. Select between injecting soap or hot water in the steam for more powerful cleaning. 220V. 5400W.

How to use steam cleaners.

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