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A vapor steam cleaner is a cleaning machine that superheats water to produce dry saturated steam ​containing only​ 5% water. Steam cleaners can help you achieve superior cleaning results with more efficiency. ​Steam cleaners​ also have the power to sanitize, disinfect, degrease, get rid of bedbugs and allergens, and remove mold, mildew, and odors. Because steam does not require any chemicals, this process is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to deep clean and it is also safe for allergies sufferers. The specifications of the ​steam cleaner​ will depend on the type of usage and the frequency.

Dry vapor steam cleaners produce a high temperature steam that contains only 5% water. Although some manufacturers will claim their carpet cleaners or carpet extractors are steam cleaners, the technology behind dry vapor steam is quite different. If the unit in question requires a lot of water, it is simply not a steam cleaner and it might ​result​ in creating mold and other humidity problems. Actual steam cleaners, such as those from Dupray, will require about 3 liters of water per hour, on average, when used continuously. As the steam contains very little water, it is completely safe for almost every surface, including carpets, upholstery, mattresses, cushions, leather and other delicate fabrics.

A high-quality steam cleaner should operate at a minimum of 43 psi / 3 bar and produce steam temperatures of 275°F / 135°C or more. Don’t be fooled by low-quality steam cleaners. Although they might cost less, they are not a strategic long-term investment. A decent steam cleaner should also allow you to adjust the pressure, as more delicate tasks need less pressure. The low-pressure feature is important in getting the job done without making a mess and spraying dirt all over the place. Also, verify the quality of the accessories, boiler and casing.

There are many features and specifications to consider when purchasing a steam cleaner. You should definitely look at the overall quality of the casing and the material used. Stainless steel is a big advantage for durability. Most importantly, you should verify the quality of the boiler – the heart of any steam cleaner. It should be made of stainless steel and come equipped with a solid warranty. High-end steam machines will have replaceable heating elements, allowing you to simply replace a low-cost part instead of an entire boiler.

You also have to consider the type of tasks that will be performed with your steam cleaner to decide what features you need. Some steam cleaners feature a detergent or water injection feature. Others are equipped with continuous steam technology, meaning that you do not have to stop the machine before refilling it.

It depends on the purposes you intend on using your machine for. Dupray’s commercial steam cleaners are built to withstand long hours of usage and produce higher steam pressure and temperature, which is reflected in the price of the machine. Most of Dupray’s steam cleaners are perfect for either commercial or residential users. The ONE™ Series, Dupray’s line of residential steam cleaners, should be used exclusively for home applications.

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A bar is a metric unit of measure for pressure used to compare the pressure power of steam cleaners. One bar is equal to 14.5 psi.

Yes. Quality steam cleaners are very safe and easy to use. Please make sure to read your user guide and visit our training videos section before use. When used for its intended purpose, steam cleaners are safe and eco-friendly.

While burning yourself is possible, if the instructions manual is followed, and the machine is used for its intended purpose and with caution, you will not get burned. Naturally, the steam jet, its tip and the brushes will get very hot during use.

The purchase of a steam cleaner is a long term investment. Costly units will have increased safety features, quality stainless steel boilers, heavier wiring, better quality switches, more insulation, a mounted heating unit inside the boiler, more attachments and better accessories. The machine will most likely need fewer repairs and will have a longer life span. A high-end steam cleaner will produce higher steam temperature and pressure, making your cleaning much more efficient.

It depends. During carpet or floor cleaning, a washable microfiber cloth is used on the accessory to insulate the steam but also to pick up dirt dislodged from the surface. Other tasks will require you to wipe off the surface afterwards, for example, when cleaning windows or grout lines.

For three main reasons: it's simple, efficient and ecological. Steam requires only regular tap water to clean and sanitize, which is the perfect solution for those who have allergies, those with pets and children, and for those who are sensitive to the chemical film left by some cleaning products. Steam cleaners detail all surfaces quickly and efficiently. Steam can also be used for any and all applications, meaning there would be no need to buy an endless list of cleaning products for every surface in your house or business. Steam cleaners are also a quick and precise cleaning option, able to penetrate deep into the pores of the surface and in any nooks and crannies faster than any other cleaning product.

Yes! When using a vapor steam cleaner, the heat produced by the steam emulsifies the grease and dirt which gets picked up by a cloth. You simply have to fill your steam cleaner with regular tap water to produce superheated steam.

The selection of a steam cleaner mostly depends on the type of use (residential, commercial, or industrial) and the type of application (degreasing, removing gums, car detailing, etc.). To help you make an informed decision, do not hesitate to contact a Dupray representative at 1.800.881.8482 or at

When your machine comes with a pressure control system, it is usually located on the machine in the form of a knob. On high-end machines, like Dupray steam cleaners, it is usually located on the handle, meaning that you're able to adjust the steam cleaner's pressure with your fingertips while cleaning.

The majority of our machines operate on 110 V, but some are also available on 220 V, like the Carmen Super Inox™. Industrial models like the SteamPro Industrial™ run on either 480 V or 600 V.

Overheated water injection is a technology that allows a burst of boiling water to be injected into the steam while you are cleaning. This will boost the cleaning power of the steam for particularly difficult tasks like gum or graffiti removal.

No. Under no circumstance should you add any chemicals into your machine, as you risk damaging the boiler. Your warranty will be automatically voided. The only time you can put a substance other than water in your machine is if it is equipped with a specially designed detergent tank. In this case, you can add some diluted Biovap® detergent into the tank for added cleaning power.

With proper maintenance and cleaning procedures, your steam cleaner can last well over 10 years.

A pressure gauge, or manometer, lets you know when the machine has reached the perfect pressure and is thus ready to use. It also indicates that the steam cleaner is working properly.

No, you certainly don't have to. Simply drain the boiler (once the machine is completely cold) if you won't be using the machine for a few months. Otherwise, the only time you should empty the tank or boiler is to do a boiler drain after every approximately 30 hours of use.

Yes. Some machines on the market have already combined the power of a steam cleaner with a vacuum to allow steam cleaning and extracting simultaneously. For some specific applications, the added power of the vacuum can be very helpful. These two technologies combined are very powerful. While steam loosens up the dirt from the treated surface, the vacuum will suck all the debris into the reservoir to leave a perfectly cleaned surface behind. This feature is ideal for applications such as gum removal, grout cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Dupray is proud to offer the Carmen Super Inox™ on either 110 V or 220 V, one of the most powerful and efficient vacuum steam cleaners on the market.

The use of buckets and mops, which must be carried and emptied constantly, can all be avoided by being replaced with a steam cleaner. Because of their versatility, steam cleaners will deep clean without the use of any chemicals. And because no chemicals are involved, no residue will be left behind to attract dirt. This means less cleaning, less often. Steam cleaning is also a mess-free process. For very heavy applications, all you need to do is wipe away the dislodged dirt and grime with a cloth and throw it in the washer. The Dupray SteamMop™ can also be a great option to quickly clean floors, walls, and ceilings.

Do not put anything else other than clean water inside the water tank or boiler. A steam cleaner uses only tap water to do the job and the boilers are built for water only. Certain commercial models have a built-in separate detergent chamber to facilitate specific applications like chewing gum and graffiti removal. You can always spray a soft ecological detergent directly on the surface. Let it work a few seconds and steam clean the surface as you would normally. We recommend using natural surfactants on heavily soiled and stained carpeting to improve your cleaning. Also, some greasy areas may need some extra help from natural cleaning products.

You can find a wide selection of steam cleaners on our website, accompanied by client testimonials, user guides, videos and more. Do not hesitate to contact a Dupray representative at or 1.800.881.8482 for any questions.

Steam cleaning can be used for so many applications that it is almost impossible to list them all. In fact, there is a way and a tool to clean almost anything without damaging the surface. Just make sure you use the right technique to clean water-sensitive surfaces such as silk, delicate rugs, leather, etc.

Our high-quality steam cleaners will come packed with accessories to accomplish the most difficult household and commercial cleaning jobs. Many cleaning problems can easily be tackled with dry steam and the right tools. But remember, always test the surface on a small hidden area first.


Stickers  •  Wax spots  •  Mop residues  •  Posters  •  Adhesives  •  Gums on carpets, concrete or any other surface  •  Graffiti  •  Ink  •  Paint  •  Stains on any surfaces such as carpets, fabric chairs or furniture  •  Residues around sinks and faucets  •  Wallpaper


Ovens and stoves  •  Kitchen equipment  •  Tools  •  Motors and machinery  •  Wheels on carts  •  Doorway tracks


Floors  •  Children toys  •  Mattresses  •  Kitchen tools  •  Hot tubs, sauna, pools, showers  •  Toilet


Grout lines and ceramics (smooth or porous)  •  Rust on surface  •  Industrial production lines  •  Vents, grills and ductwork entries  •  Golf clubs  •  BBQ grills: use a detail brass brush and remove any burn residue  •  Boat decks and deep clean the hull  •  Jewelries

Deep clean and sanitize

Bird and pet cages  •  Patio door sliders  •  Walls and ceilings  •  Mattresses  •  Kitchens  •  Mirrors and windows  •  Bathrooms  •  Car interiors  •  Carpets  •  Conveyor belts


Allergens  •  Dust mites in bedding, upholstery, carpets and clothing  •  Any fleas and their eggs  •  Germs and viruses  •  Mold spores and mildews

You can use the triangle tool with a thick microfiber cloth wrapped around it to insulate the steam. Move the tool slowly to make sure the entire surface was treated. You'll have to repeat the process a few times to ensure complete eradication. To learn more about getting rid of bed bugs, read the Exterminating Bedbugs with a Steam Cleaner page.

The plunger tool is used to unclog drains. Simply put the tool firmly on the drain and blow the steam inside the drain for a few seconds. Steam will melt away residue and remove odors.

Steam does indeed clean these surfaces and many other traditionally hard-to-clean surfaces very well. Use low pressures for drier steam (higher pressure creates more moisture because of condensation) and keep the tool moving. This way, you won't remove any polish or wax.

Yes. It is an incredibly powerful spot and stain remover, and you can sanitize, deodorize and revitalize your carpet using the rectangle tool with a microfiber cloth wrapped around it. To remove a stubborn stain from a carpet, use the lance and a microfiber cloth and blow the steam sideways in order to remove the stain from the fibers.

Bed bugs and dust mites are very sensitive to heat, which is why steam cleaners are extremely efficient to eradicate them. Bed bugs and their eggs die when they are exposed to a temperature of 130°F / 54.4°C, a temperature easily reached by Dupray steam cleaners.

The heat removes the static charge present in all hair. Accordingly, the hair can easily be vacuumed afterwards. Steam also has the power to remove odors from carpet, furniture, upholstery, and more.

You can either order online on, by contacting one of our representatives at 1.800.881.8482, or via email at

Dupray offers free shipping on all orders of $50 or more, this means all steam cleaners ship for free in the continental USA and Canadian provinces. Read our full shipping policy here.

The majority of our model line-up is in stock. Certain models and options are on special order, including the SteamPro Industrial™.

Yes we do. Please contact a Dupray representative at 1.800.881.8482 or at for more information.

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