• ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner
  • ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner
  • ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner
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ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner video-5w1vzxW6RIE
  • No more downtime.
  • Refill while in use.
  • Includes a 17-piece accessory kit.
Made in Europe

Made in Europe

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Steam is cleaner.

Clean. Disinfect. Sanitize. Degrease. Deodorize. Any surface. Chemical-free.

Hot steam cleans better.

320°F / 160°C

Higher steam temperature.
Higher steam pressure than the entry-level model.

Easy refills on-the-go.

Simply add water during use for non-stop steam cleaning.

0.64 gal.
2.44 L
water tank Refill at any time during operation.

16.4 ft.
5 m
electrical cord
Clean everywhere with no restrain.

Intuitive control panel - Pressure gauge
- Steamready™ indicator
- Low water indicator

Detachable steam hose.

6.2 ft. / 1.88 m

Adjust the steam pressure

Childproof safety lock

Sleek and portable.

Clean, sanitize and deodorize your entire home with this superior European-made steam cleaner. Weighing only 15 pounds, the ONE Plus™ is portable and convenient to use anywhere. Assembled by hand using high-quality components, this steam cleaner comes fully equipped with a complete 17-piece accessory kit, providing you the right tool for every cleaning task. Offering great performance and a complete list of advanced features, you will actually look forward to clean.

A complete accessory kit for
the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner.

With a complete 17-piece set of cleaning accessories, all made with durable, long-lasting materials, you’ll always have the perfect attachment for the task.

The perfect steam cleaner for your home.

Using nothing but regular tap water, the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner cuts through dirt and grime and sanitizes every surface it touches. Offering advanced features like CST™ technology and unmatched steam temperature, it is the very best steam cleaner of its class. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals, the Dupray ONE Plus™ will definitely change the way you clean.

Superheated dry vapor

When used properly, can kill germs, bacteria, viruses and eliminate mold, dust mites and all other pathogens using nothing but the most natural cleaning method – superheated steam. At the heart of the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner is a highly-efficient heating element that pressurizes the stainless steel boiler up to 4 times the atmospheric pressure. The resulting low-moisture steam is then superheated up to 320ºF / 160°C – perfect for cleaning and disinfection.

Pure disinfection

Sanitize anything, anywhere using only regular tap water. Disinfecting with the Dupray ONE Plus™ powerful jet of dry vapor steam reaching temperatures up to 320ºF, that can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The complete cleaning kit provides easy to use tools for sanitizing almost anything including: floors, countertops, toys, beds, furniture, bathrooms, and anywhere else in your house. The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner is the best way to keep your household clean and germ-free.

Kills up to99.9% of bacteria
and viruses

The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner – nothing but the best.

The ONE Plus™ was engineered with top quality Italian and German components.
Assembled by hand in Europe, the ONE Plus™ steam cleaner comes with the best warranty available:
a lifetime warranty on the boiler and 3 years on the system.

CST™ Continuous Steam Technology

The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner was designed with a two-tank system. This technology means the water tank is not under pressure and can be refilled at any time, eliminating downtime.

Stainless steel boiler

High-grade stainless steel is TIG welded together with a robotic welder to ensure the quality of the most solid and durable boiler on the market. This is why Dupray provides a lifetime warranty on its boilers – the heart of any steam cleaner.

Automatic shut-off

The heating element will automatically shut off when the water level drops below the minimum threshold. Your steam cleaner is instantly ready to go once you refill the water tank.


Four levels of safety ensure that your steam cleaner will always operate safely. These levels include the low water light, the automatic shut-off, a pressurized safety cap with a built-in blowoff valve and a childproof safety lock.

Steam is greener.

Dupray is proud to help reforest the planet by committing to plant one million trees.
For every steam cleaner sold, Dupray will plant a tree on your behalf.

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