The best steam cleaners for car detailing.

Browse through the most powerful commercial car detailing equipment steam cleaners that deliver professionnal results .

High performance steam cleaning technologies
for auto detailing.

Ideal for:

  • Steam Cleaning Interior and Hard Surfaces

    Interior and hard surfaces

  • Steam Cleaning Wheels and Rims

    Wheels and rims

  • Steam Cleaning Carpets and Seats

    Carpets and seats

  • Steam Cleaning Engine, Grease and Stains

    Engine, grease and stains

Care for your car using the best car detailing tool possible.

Dupray steam cleaners were engineered with efficiency and cost reduction in mind . With the most powerful and innovative technologies in hand, you will be able to steam clean your car in no time and tackle the hardest detailling jobs.

Use Dupray steam cleaners for :

  • Removing stains and odors from surfaces.
  • Deep cleaning leather surfaces before treatment.
  • Eliminating salt stains and cleaning floor mats.
  • Degreasing and detailing engines.
  • Cleaning car windows.
  • Detailing car interiors and body (220V is required for exterior cleaning).
  • Removing dust from vents.
  • Eliminating salt rocks.
  • Getting rid of dust mites and reducing allergens.
Eliminating Salt Stains and Cleaning Floor Mats
Dupray Steam Cleaners For Car Engine
Dupray Steam Cleaners For Car Mats

Compatible Steam Cleaners

Tosca™ Steam Cleaner

The Tosca is our entry-level commercial grade steam cleaner ideal for home or low-volume car detailing. Featuring the ADI™ display, a premium enamel-coated steel casing and a stainless steel boiler, the Dupray Tosca is built to last. Steam temperature up to 316°F and pressure up to 72psi.

Special $1,097.00*

Discover other popular steam cleaning applications.

Dupray steam cleaners were designed to perform a wide range of applications. From grout cleaning to bedbug extermination, the possibilities are limitless. Discover how far steam can go.