The best steam cleaners for grout and tile cleaning.

Dupray steam cleaners are the ultimate grout and tile cleaning solution. Lightweight and easy to use, they have the ability to bring your flooring back to life thanks to their high steam temperature and superior performance.

The easiest, most efficient way to clean grout.

Ideal for:

  • Steam Cleaning Grout Lines

    Grout lines

  • Steam Cleaning Door Thresholds

    Door thresholds

  • Steam Cleaning Porous Tiles and Ceramics

    Porous tiles and ceramics

Do more. In less time.

Dupray offers an efficient solution to grout cleaning, a task traditionally time consuming and demanding that generally requires the use of harmful chemicals. Steam has the power to make grout cleaning a lot easier and offers you impeccable results everytime.

Use Dupray steam cleaners for :

  • Cleaning ceramic as well as porous stone tiles.
  • Restoring grout lines.
  • Deep cleaning porous tiles or stones.
  • Cleaning door threshold.
Dupray Steam Cleaners for Grout Cleaning
Steam Cleaning Grout Lines
Restoring Grout and Porous Tiles With a Dupray Steam Cleaner

Compatible Steam Cleaners

ONE™ Steam Cleaner

Dupray ONE steam cleaner can easily clean grout lines, porous tiles and all kind of ceramic without using cleaning chemicals. Quickly sanitize your floors using the many tools and brushes included with our popular ONE steam cleaner.

Special $649.00*

ONE Plus™ Steam Cleaner

More steam pressure and higher steam temperature get you the best grout cleaning results. Offered with CST™ for no-downtime use, the Dupray ONE Plus will surpass your expectations.

Special $799.00*

Tosca™ Steam Cleaner

High-grade enamel-coated steel casing, ADI™ display and a large stainless steel boiler make the Dupray Tosca an excellent choice for those looking for a commercial quality steam cleaner for grout and tile cleaning. Steam temperature up to 316°F and pressure up to 72psi.

Special $1,097.00*

Discover what steam cleaning can do for you.

Dupray steam cleaners can tackle an infinite number of cleaning tasks, allowing you to easily switch between one application to the other. Learn how much you can do with your steam cleaner.