The best steam cleaners for home cleaning.

Elevate your cleaning standards with Dupray steam cleaning technology. Get all the qualities you are looking for in a steam cleaner : ecological, versatile, extremely powerful and safe around children and pet. Need we say more?

Home steam cleaning reinvented.

Ideal for:

  • Steam Cleaning Floors and Grout

    Floors and grout

  • Steam Cleaning Furniture and upholstery

    Furniture and upholstery

  • Steam Cleaning Windows and mirrors

    Windows and mirrors

  • Steam Cleaning Children and pet toys

    Children and pet toys

You didn’t know how much you love to clean.

Home steam cleaners are all about versatility and efficiency. This is why Dupray’s residential line of steam cleaners can reach temperatures of up to 345°F and offer adjustable pressure up to 121 psi. All Dupray steam cleaners are equipped with ActiveSafe™ technology, SteamReady™ Indicator, a long lasting water capacity, and a sturdy stainless steel boiler to power trough your everyday steam cleaning tasks.

Use Dupray steam cleaners for :

  • Cleaning all types of flooring.
  • Disinfecting bathroom surfaces.
  • Restoring grout and tiles.
  • Obtaining streak-free windows and mirrors.
  • Removing odors from carpets, stains, curtains, and upholstery.
  • Cleaning the kitchen area and cooking surfaces.
  • Degreasing oven, grill, and BBQ.
  • Cleaning walls and ceilings.
  • Cleaning furniture.
Degreasing BBQs and Grills With a Dupray Steam Cleaner
Steam Cleaning Sinks and Faucets
Dupray Steam Cleaners for Floor Cleaning

Compatible Steam Cleaners

ONE™ Steam Cleaner

A tool that can clean absolutely anything, anywhere. Dupray ONE steam cleaner is a powerful home steam cleaner that comes equipped with all the tools you need to deep clean and sanitize around the house, using only tap water.

Special $649.00*

ONE Plus™ Steam Cleaner

Get impressive cleaning results with this superior home-grade steam cleaner featuring CST™ for easy refills on the go and no waiting time. The Dupray ONE Plus will revolutionize the way you clean.

Special $799.00*

Tosca™ Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner that is built to last, the commercial-grade Tosca features a premium enamel-coated steel casing, ADI™ display and a large stainless steel boiler for increased steam production. Steam temperature up to 316°F and pressure up to 72psi.

Special $1,097.00*

Hill Injection™ Steam Cleaner

Our most powerful and very best steam cleaner. Professional-grade full stainless steel construction, ADI™ display, CST™ and hot water injection get you the full steam cleaning experience. Enjoy a free SteamMop™ and carrying case with this complete steam cleaner. Steam temperature up to 345°F and pressure up to 121psi.

Special $2,197.00*

Everything to clean everywhere.

Dupray steam cleaners are equipped with a complete set of high-quality accessories and enough steam temperature and pressure to power through any cleaning job done.